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Different Types of Dirt

5-31-16.jpgWhen it comes to carpet cleaning, people often believe that there is one type of thing that we clean for: dirt.  Just plain dirt.  While this thought is not necessarily wrong, there are several different types of dirt that we come across when cleaning carpets, and we rigorously seek out each one in an effort to give you the proper carpet cleaning we pride ourselves on.  However, you can use the knowledge of these different types of dirt to better take care of your carpet, and by doing so, prolong the life of it.

Obviously, in a list about carpet dirt, there has to be a section on just dirt.  In carpet-cleaning terms, we call this “loose soil”, as they afe often particles tracked in on the soles of shoes.  Loose soil can scratch and dull the finish of a floor, or tear the individual fibers of your carpet, thanks to their microscopic size.  It is the bane of several types of flooring, and if left unattended, can run havoc on your flooring.  A simple way to combat loose soil is regular vacuuming, making sure to go slow in order to suck up every last particle.

Another type of carpet dirt that we run into is what we call “atmospheric soil”, which is brought on by particles in the air combining with oils on the floor.  Things like pollution, auto fumes, and cigarette fumes conceive atmospheric soil, and the smell sticks to the floor.  This is why a room will smell like cigarette smoke for hours, days, or even years after someone smoked; the oils combine with the particles and traps it in the floor.  To rid atmospheric soil from your home, a professional cleaning is advised, as we use specialized detergent to counteract the oils in the floor.

Finally, the other type of dirt that we encounter are spills and the staining they cause.  A spill left unattended will undoubtedly leave a stain, which can not only be an eyesore, but decrease the life of your carpet.  When a spill occurs, it’s extremely important to clean it up as quickly as possible, as you will reduce the chances for a stain.  If a stain sets however, there are several at-home remedies you can try, but know that you can always call Bayside Carpet Cleaning for assured removal.

Whatever dirt your carpet seems to attract, just know that Bayside Carpet Cleaning can give your carpet a glittering clean that it deserves, no matter the present condition.  To schedule your free estimate, give us a call today!

Memorial Day Carpet

5-26-16.jpgThe sounds and smells of barbecues, family, and fun are all about to hit hard this weekend, as Memorial Day is creeping up fast.  While you have been busy pouring over the menu and the guest list for this weekend’s cookout, we’ve been busy putting together a few tips to keep your carpet looking great throughout the holiday.  Enjoy!

The food and fun may be outside, but be prepared for guests to come into your home to use the bathroom, find a beverage, or just to give themselves a break from the warm weather!  Due to this heightened traffic, try to invest in a floor mat right by the entryway.  Encourage guests to wipe their feet thoroughly upon entry, or better yet, remove their shoes entirely.  This will help eliminate dirt coming into your home, keeping your carpet healthy and easier to clean afterwords.

Another suggestion we have for you is to keep a carpet-stain-emergency-kit somewhere within reach of the high-traffic carpet areas.  With guests entering and exiting with drinks in their hands, accidents are bound to happen.  However, if you have your handy-dandy kit nearby, complete with paper towels, a carpet-cleaning solution, and a small towel, then you’ll be able to contain the stain immediately and prevent it from setting.  Just make sure your guests will notify you is someone did spill their drink!

Finally, the best thing you can do to prepare your carpet for the holiday is to have it professionally cleaned.  Vacuuming and dusting will only do so much, but a deep professional clean will restore your carpet to its former glory.  After we finish, your looks-like-new carpet will be the talk of the cookout, and be better able to handle what’s thrown its way.

To squeeze in a carpet cleaning before the big weekend, give us a call right away.  After a short few minutes, we may have time to fit you in and make your carpet shine again, but time is of the essence.  You are on the clock to make your carpet look pristine this Memorial Day Weekend, so call us today!

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Estimating Efficiently

5-24-16.jpgA thorough carpet cleaning can be a great present for your home, as it will give your carpet a whole new life.  Letting you carpet breathe is extremely important for not only the life of the carpet itself, but also for the well-being of the home.  However, with some carpet cleaning companies, you do not know what you are getting as far as cost, being that they do estimations the day-of cleaning.  At Bayside Carpet Cleaning, we take an entirely different approach from the traditional model when it comes to estimation, and in just a few easy steps, you can know what to expect from is for a professional cleaning.

Once you have decided to have a carpet cleaning, there are two methods to schedule your free estimation.  You can either fill out the questionnaire on our website—which will take no longer than 2 minutes—or you can give us a call at 609-290-2691.  Either way is fine by us, but both will result in an appointment to accurately estimate our cleaning.

When we show up to the estimation, we are going to take a look at the state of your carpet, and ask you a few questions.  Such questions will include how many rooms you would like cleaned, and the cleaning method in which we clean them.  After those answers, we will be able to give you an accurate price on our service, and then set up an appointment.  At this point in time, you are not obligated to use our service—you can back out at any time before the cleaning.  However, we do advise to go through with us at this point, as we only employ the best professional cleaning methods for your carpet. ensuring a deep clean every time.

A simple call or questionnaire is all you need to have your carpet returned to its former glory, so what are you waiting for?  Set up your completely free estimation today!

The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

5-19-16.jpgWhen it comes to carpet cleaning, people are often under the impression that carpets should be cleaned when they are dirty, or when a big event is about to happen.  While it is a fantastic idea to clean under both circumstances, your carpet should be regularly cleaned, at least every 6 to 12 months.  For those non-believers, we have put together a few benefits of regular carpet cleaning that will speak for themselves.

One of, if not, the biggest benefit to having your carpet professionally cleaned regularly is that it will help prolong the life of the carpet.  By cutting down on the dirt and debris that are lodged into your carpet, the individual fibers will be more resilient to whatever is thrown their way, keeping your carpet fresh and healthy

In addition, professionally cleaning your carpet on the regular will cut down on particles and microbes in the air, henceforth improving air quality and making you and your family less susceptible to illness.  Carpets can act as a magnet for pollutants, as the fibers will attract any impurities in the air.  Every time someone walks over the carpet, those impurities are released back into the air, which can cause health complications in some.  Not only that, but if the carpet gets wet every now and then, it can serve as a breeding ground for both bacteria and fungus.  Cleaning via a professional will eliminate these health risks.

Let alone the health and carpet-longevity benefits, having your carpet professionally cleaned every now-and-then will keep your house looking great all year round!

To start your routine of regular professional cleaning, give us a call today!  We can also set up a schedule with you, so that way your carpet will always stay looking the best it can be!  Regular carpet cleaning may seem like a silly idea to some, but it is one of the best things you can do your both your carpet and your family when you look at the benefits it can bring.  Call us for an appointment today!

Carpet and Pets

5-17-16.jpgOwning a pet can drastically change your life, most of the time for the better.  From having another friend to play with, to adding a new member of the family, pet can be revered as very important.  However, owning a pet comes at a cost, especially when concerning your carpet.  Whether you’re looking to get a pet or if you already have one, we’ve put together a few carpet care cleaning tips for you, to help keep your carpet looking fresh even if four legs are running across it.

One of the biggest complaints that pet owners have about the state of their carpet is the copious amount of pet hair that shows up time after time.  Shedding pets can litter your carpet with hair that is sure to clog up your vacuum cleaner, making it difficult to get the hair out.  To combat this, take an old paint roller and roll some masking tape around it, with the sticky side facing out.  Then simply roll it around your carpet to collect all of the pet hair, as if it’s a giant lint roller.  Vacuum as usual afterwords.

Pets are awesome creatures, always loyal and obedient, but sometimes accidents happen on your carpet.  When they do, it is paramount to act fast and remove it from your carpet before a stain can set in.  If it is pet urine, lay an absorbing cloth over it and allow the cloth to soak up all of the extra liquid in the carpet.  Then go over the area with a water-dish soap solution or a water-vinegar solution to help remove the remaining liquid entirely.  For fecal matter, follow the same steps.

Finally, pets can unintentionally leave odor on your carpet, which may seem to be a hassle to clean when guests are slated to come over.  To fight against pet odor, a simple commercial powdered carpet-odor eliminator will do the trick if you’re in a pinch.  Although a professional cleaning is the sure way to eliminate any and all pet odors in your carpet, you can still use commercial products to get by.

Pets are no doubt amazing, but they can prove to be a catalyst for carpet issues.  With the right approach, however, you will be able to prevent these issues, and keep your carpet looking great all the while treating your pet with nothing but love.  Should you feel the need to call in the cavalry for certain issues, just know that Bayside Carpet Cleaning is always here to help.

Simple Carpet Upkeep

5-12-16.jpgContrary to popular belief, taking care of your carpet regularly is not rocket science; simple tasks can be done regularly to preserve the well-being of your carpet.  So long as you try to perform some simple upkeep every so-often, and know what to do when disaster strikes on your carpet, you’ll be able to keep your carpet going strong for years to come.  Here are a few things you can do to take care of your carpet, courtesy of Bayside Carpet Cleaning.

Time and time again, one of the biggest carpet killers is a buildup of dirt.  When dirt lodges itself inside your carpet, any traffic over the area can push the dirt into the fabric, ripping it and taking away the natural shine.  That’s why high traffic areas seem much more dull than the rest of the floor.  To combat this, a simple vacuum once a week will do, going slow to suck up all the dirt possible.  Also, laying down a floor mat by the door is an effective way to eliminate an abundance of dirt from entering your home—just encourage your guests to wipe their feet upon entry.

In addition to maintaining dirt, knowing how to properly address a spill on your carpet will also keep it healthy and strong.  A spill, regardless of the substance it is, should be initially treated the same way—dabbing around the it.  Never rub the spill with a cloth, as this will just push the substance deeper into the fibers.  Instead, take an absorbent cloth, like a paper towel, and gently dab around the spill, allowing the cloth to do all of the work.  By doing this, you will effectively eliminate the chances of a nasty stain occurring, and further preserve the appearance of your carpet.

However, there are times in regular carpet upkeep where you are going to need a deep clean, regardless of how well you maintain it.  When you need a deep clean, look no further than Bayside Carpet Cleaning, as we will restore your carpet to it’s former glory in a seamless and professional manner.  Give us a call today!


Guarding Grout

5-10-16.jpgIn the carpet cleaning field, we have seen our fair share of dirty carpets and tile floors, some being worse than others.  Of the tile, there has been cases where the grout has turned to a pitch black color, with years of dirt and debris caught up in it.  While this may seem like a daunting image to the homeowner, simple maintenance can be done regularly on your tile to make sure that your grout is looking good all year round.  Enjoy as we share these grout-cleaning tips with you!

To take care of your grout, you should be cleaning it weekly, with a deep clean every month or so.  What we mean by that, is that at the very least, you should be sweeping and vacuuming your grout once a week.  By doing so, you will break up and take away all of the loose dirt and dust that can build up and turn your grout to a dark black color.

When it is time for a deep clean, it’s time to break out the mop and the detergent, and give your grout a good scrubbing!  However, be careful with how much detergent you are using on your floor, as grout loves to suck things up, including excess detergent.  Leaving detergent in the grout will attract more dirt into it, speeding up the process of acquiring black grout.  Just be sure to keep the mop water fresh when cleaning–a cloudy bucket can lead to more dirt clumping up in your grout.

In a high-active household, you may have to increase your sweeping and vacuuming frequency, along with incorporating a rinse-mopping in-between deep cleans.

So long as you keep up on your grout, you will keep its natural pearly white shine for years to come.  Should you need a thorough grout-cleaning, however, just know that Bayside Carpet Cleaning is here to help!

Anchoring Area Rugs


5-5-16Area rugs can be a nice accent in many rooms, but they can be a pain to keep in one place.  Often, one simple movement will shift the rug over, or one person walking over it will dishevel the rug, leaving it a wrinkly mess for all to see.  So as to stop this unnecessary shifting, we have a few tips on how to keep your rug in place.

Area rugs may seem like they don’t slip on carpet, but they do, and the consequences of a unsuspecting slip can be devastating, causing injury to people and property.  By using rug hooks to anchor the rug down, you eliminate the threat of a slip, keeping you and your guests safe from harm.  Rug pins can be picked up at any hardware store, generally go for less than $10, and come in packages of four.  Putting one hook in each corner will keep your rug in place and looking sharp.

Rug pins are more attractive than other anchoring techniques because you can easily remove the rug when it needs to be cleaned.  Using carpet-tape or caulking the underside will definitely keep the rug in place, but will become an unnecessary hassle to deal with when it comes time to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, in addition to offering a thorough cleaning for standard carpet, we also offer area rug cleaning.  Our comprehensive area and oriental rug cleaning involves a intricate multi-staged approach, much like our standard cleaning, that is sure to get even the toughest dirt and stains out.  To schedule your area rug consultation and cleaning, give us a call today!

Staying High and Dry

5-3-16.jpgIt has been a wet one for the past few days around the Jersey Shore, with even more rain on the way.  Although this is a dreary picture for most, life doesn’t stop for the weather, so you trudge on.  However, every time you enter your house from the outside, you are tracking in dirt and water that can end up on your carpet.  So, we have a few tips for you on rain defense, and how to keep your carpets looking great even when there is a monsoon outside.

Despite what others may believe, carpets are a lot like people: they don’t like getting wet.  A wet carpet can lead to a multitude of problems, such as decay, mold growth, and staining.  The best way to avoid these problems is simply to keep water off of your carpet.  Yes, we know this sounds redundant, but by prioritizing shoe removal upon entry to your home, and asking your guests to hang up their coats and put away their umbrellas before stepping foot on your carpet, you will minimize the chance for water to seep into your carpet.

In spite of your best interests though, water and mud can still end up on your carpet, especially if you have a furry friend with four legs and a tail.  Should Fido come barreling in, leaving his muddy paw-prints over your carpet, there’s no need to panic.  Simply dab the area with a clean cloth when the mud is still wet, and use a damp cloth to remove any excess mud still left behind.  Just be sure not to wait too long, as the stain will set!

Keeping your carpet high and dry in the rain is a simple task, so long as you take preventative measures for it.  If you find the odds have been stacked against you, and your carpet has been muddied over, don’t fret, as a single call to us will make those stains disappear!  So, while it may be raining, enjoy your time inside and outside, and be sure to keep your carpet in mind!