Estimating Efficiently

5-24-16.jpgA thorough carpet cleaning can be a great present for your home, as it will give your carpet a whole new life.  Letting you carpet breathe is extremely important for not only the life of the carpet itself, but also for the well-being of the home.  However, with some carpet cleaning companies, you do not know what you are getting as far as cost, being that they do estimations the day-of cleaning.  At Bayside Carpet Cleaning, we take an entirely different approach from the traditional model when it comes to estimation, and in just a few easy steps, you can know what to expect from is for a professional cleaning.

Once you have decided to have a carpet cleaning, there are two methods to schedule your free estimation.  You can either fill out the questionnaire on our website—which will take no longer than 2 minutes—or you can give us a call at 609-290-2691.  Either way is fine by us, but both will result in an appointment to accurately estimate our cleaning.

When we show up to the estimation, we are going to take a look at the state of your carpet, and ask you a few questions.  Such questions will include how many rooms you would like cleaned, and the cleaning method in which we clean them.  After those answers, we will be able to give you an accurate price on our service, and then set up an appointment.  At this point in time, you are not obligated to use our service—you can back out at any time before the cleaning.  However, we do advise to go through with us at this point, as we only employ the best professional cleaning methods for your carpet. ensuring a deep clean every time.

A simple call or questionnaire is all you need to have your carpet returned to its former glory, so what are you waiting for?  Set up your completely free estimation today!

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