Guarding Grout

5-10-16.jpgIn the carpet cleaning field, we have seen our fair share of dirty carpets and tile floors, some being worse than others.  Of the tile, there has been cases where the grout has turned to a pitch black color, with years of dirt and debris caught up in it.  While this may seem like a daunting image to the homeowner, simple maintenance can be done regularly on your tile to make sure that your grout is looking good all year round.  Enjoy as we share these grout-cleaning tips with you!

To take care of your grout, you should be cleaning it weekly, with a deep clean every month or so.  What we mean by that, is that at the very least, you should be sweeping and vacuuming your grout once a week.  By doing so, you will break up and take away all of the loose dirt and dust that can build up and turn your grout to a dark black color.

When it is time for a deep clean, it’s time to break out the mop and the detergent, and give your grout a good scrubbing!  However, be careful with how much detergent you are using on your floor, as grout loves to suck things up, including excess detergent.  Leaving detergent in the grout will attract more dirt into it, speeding up the process of acquiring black grout.  Just be sure to keep the mop water fresh when cleaning–a cloudy bucket can lead to more dirt clumping up in your grout.

In a high-active household, you may have to increase your sweeping and vacuuming frequency, along with incorporating a rinse-mopping in-between deep cleans.

So long as you keep up on your grout, you will keep its natural pearly white shine for years to come.  Should you need a thorough grout-cleaning, however, just know that Bayside Carpet Cleaning is here to help!

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