Carpet and Pets

5-17-16.jpgOwning a pet can drastically change your life, most of the time for the better.  From having another friend to play with, to adding a new member of the family, pet can be revered as very important.  However, owning a pet comes at a cost, especially when concerning your carpet.  Whether you’re looking to get a pet or if you already have one, we’ve put together a few carpet care cleaning tips for you, to help keep your carpet looking fresh even if four legs are running across it.

One of the biggest complaints that pet owners have about the state of their carpet is the copious amount of pet hair that shows up time after time.  Shedding pets can litter your carpet with hair that is sure to clog up your vacuum cleaner, making it difficult to get the hair out.  To combat this, take an old paint roller and roll some masking tape around it, with the sticky side facing out.  Then simply roll it around your carpet to collect all of the pet hair, as if it’s a giant lint roller.  Vacuum as usual afterwords.

Pets are awesome creatures, always loyal and obedient, but sometimes accidents happen on your carpet.  When they do, it is paramount to act fast and remove it from your carpet before a stain can set in.  If it is pet urine, lay an absorbing cloth over it and allow the cloth to soak up all of the extra liquid in the carpet.  Then go over the area with a water-dish soap solution or a water-vinegar solution to help remove the remaining liquid entirely.  For fecal matter, follow the same steps.

Finally, pets can unintentionally leave odor on your carpet, which may seem to be a hassle to clean when guests are slated to come over.  To fight against pet odor, a simple commercial powdered carpet-odor eliminator will do the trick if you’re in a pinch.  Although a professional cleaning is the sure way to eliminate any and all pet odors in your carpet, you can still use commercial products to get by.

Pets are no doubt amazing, but they can prove to be a catalyst for carpet issues.  With the right approach, however, you will be able to prevent these issues, and keep your carpet looking great all the while treating your pet with nothing but love.  Should you feel the need to call in the cavalry for certain issues, just know that Bayside Carpet Cleaning is always here to help.

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