Anchoring Area Rugs


5-5-16Area rugs can be a nice accent in many rooms, but they can be a pain to keep in one place.  Often, one simple movement will shift the rug over, or one person walking over it will dishevel the rug, leaving it a wrinkly mess for all to see.  So as to stop this unnecessary shifting, we have a few tips on how to keep your rug in place.

Area rugs may seem like they don’t slip on carpet, but they do, and the consequences of a unsuspecting slip can be devastating, causing injury to people and property.  By using rug hooks to anchor the rug down, you eliminate the threat of a slip, keeping you and your guests safe from harm.  Rug pins can be picked up at any hardware store, generally go for less than $10, and come in packages of four.  Putting one hook in each corner will keep your rug in place and looking sharp.

Rug pins are more attractive than other anchoring techniques because you can easily remove the rug when it needs to be cleaned.  Using carpet-tape or caulking the underside will definitely keep the rug in place, but will become an unnecessary hassle to deal with when it comes time to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, in addition to offering a thorough cleaning for standard carpet, we also offer area rug cleaning.  Our comprehensive area and oriental rug cleaning involves a intricate multi-staged approach, much like our standard cleaning, that is sure to get even the toughest dirt and stains out.  To schedule your area rug consultation and cleaning, give us a call today!

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