Love Your Floors the Right Way

2-14-17.jpgHappy Valentine’s Day to all you Bayside Carpet Cleaning fans out there!  We hope that no matter where you are, you are celebrating this day of love however you see fit.  Speaking of love, we all love our floors, but are we loving them the right way?  Check out our latest article to learn to love your floor properly, and what you can do to keep that love going strong.

Taking good care of your floor can actually be a real simple task—just give it some attention every now and then and you should be good to go.  Now, the type of attention will be different depending on the floor type; you wouldn’t treat a dog and a cat the same way, would you?  Yes, even though we may love them all the same, we love them in different ways.

For example, the love and attention that you need to give to your carpet is a thorough vacuuming every week.  Nothing fancy—just a simple run-through will be enough to get you through the next week.  The thing about carpet is that it acts as a filter, picking up dirt and dust that can conglomerate in the air or on someone’s shoe.  Just like a regular filter, it needs to be cleaned every now and then, which is precisely what vacuuming does.

On the other hand, the proper way to love your tile floor is to give it a good mopping on the regular.  Just like vacuuming with your carpet, there is no need for you to get all fancy—a simple pass with a mop and some water will do.   

Now, there will be some times where you will need to give a little bit of extra love and attention to your floors, like after something spills on them.  For these types of instances, you need to act fast to preserve their everlasting beauty—soak up as much of the spill as you can, and then go over it with water or a stain-fighting solution (which you can find recipes of how to make in many of our previous blogs).  So long as you act fast, you can keep the floor that you love so dearly looking great, no matter what happened to them.

Floors, like your lover, needs a little bit of care and attention every now and then to make sure that they are doing great.  So what do you say?  Show your floor some love this Valentine’s Day!


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