Memorial Day Carpet

5-26-16.jpgThe sounds and smells of barbecues, family, and fun are all about to hit hard this weekend, as Memorial Day is creeping up fast.  While you have been busy pouring over the menu and the guest list for this weekend’s cookout, we’ve been busy putting together a few tips to keep your carpet looking great throughout the holiday.  Enjoy!

The food and fun may be outside, but be prepared for guests to come into your home to use the bathroom, find a beverage, or just to give themselves a break from the warm weather!  Due to this heightened traffic, try to invest in a floor mat right by the entryway.  Encourage guests to wipe their feet thoroughly upon entry, or better yet, remove their shoes entirely.  This will help eliminate dirt coming into your home, keeping your carpet healthy and easier to clean afterwords.

Another suggestion we have for you is to keep a carpet-stain-emergency-kit somewhere within reach of the high-traffic carpet areas.  With guests entering and exiting with drinks in their hands, accidents are bound to happen.  However, if you have your handy-dandy kit nearby, complete with paper towels, a carpet-cleaning solution, and a small towel, then you’ll be able to contain the stain immediately and prevent it from setting.  Just make sure your guests will notify you is someone did spill their drink!

Finally, the best thing you can do to prepare your carpet for the holiday is to have it professionally cleaned.  Vacuuming and dusting will only do so much, but a deep professional clean will restore your carpet to its former glory.  After we finish, your looks-like-new carpet will be the talk of the cookout, and be better able to handle what’s thrown its way.

To squeeze in a carpet cleaning before the big weekend, give us a call right away.  After a short few minutes, we may have time to fit you in and make your carpet shine again, but time is of the essence.  You are on the clock to make your carpet look pristine this Memorial Day Weekend, so call us today!

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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