Different Types of Dirt

5-31-16.jpgWhen it comes to carpet cleaning, people often believe that there is one type of thing that we clean for: dirt.  Just plain dirt.  While this thought is not necessarily wrong, there are several different types of dirt that we come across when cleaning carpets, and we rigorously seek out each one in an effort to give you the proper carpet cleaning we pride ourselves on.  However, you can use the knowledge of these different types of dirt to better take care of your carpet, and by doing so, prolong the life of it.

Obviously, in a list about carpet dirt, there has to be a section on just dirt.  In carpet-cleaning terms, we call this “loose soil”, as they afe often particles tracked in on the soles of shoes.  Loose soil can scratch and dull the finish of a floor, or tear the individual fibers of your carpet, thanks to their microscopic size.  It is the bane of several types of flooring, and if left unattended, can run havoc on your flooring.  A simple way to combat loose soil is regular vacuuming, making sure to go slow in order to suck up every last particle.

Another type of carpet dirt that we run into is what we call “atmospheric soil”, which is brought on by particles in the air combining with oils on the floor.  Things like pollution, auto fumes, and cigarette fumes conceive atmospheric soil, and the smell sticks to the floor.  This is why a room will smell like cigarette smoke for hours, days, or even years after someone smoked; the oils combine with the particles and traps it in the floor.  To rid atmospheric soil from your home, a professional cleaning is advised, as we use specialized detergent to counteract the oils in the floor.

Finally, the other type of dirt that we encounter are spills and the staining they cause.  A spill left unattended will undoubtedly leave a stain, which can not only be an eyesore, but decrease the life of your carpet.  When a spill occurs, it’s extremely important to clean it up as quickly as possible, as you will reduce the chances for a stain.  If a stain sets however, there are several at-home remedies you can try, but know that you can always call Bayside Carpet Cleaning for assured removal.

Whatever dirt your carpet seems to attract, just know that Bayside Carpet Cleaning can give your carpet a glittering clean that it deserves, no matter the present condition.  To schedule your free estimate, give us a call today!

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