Staying High and Dry

5-3-16.jpgIt has been a wet one for the past few days around the Jersey Shore, with even more rain on the way.  Although this is a dreary picture for most, life doesn’t stop for the weather, so you trudge on.  However, every time you enter your house from the outside, you are tracking in dirt and water that can end up on your carpet.  So, we have a few tips for you on rain defense, and how to keep your carpets looking great even when there is a monsoon outside.

Despite what others may believe, carpets are a lot like people: they don’t like getting wet.  A wet carpet can lead to a multitude of problems, such as decay, mold growth, and staining.  The best way to avoid these problems is simply to keep water off of your carpet.  Yes, we know this sounds redundant, but by prioritizing shoe removal upon entry to your home, and asking your guests to hang up their coats and put away their umbrellas before stepping foot on your carpet, you will minimize the chance for water to seep into your carpet.

In spite of your best interests though, water and mud can still end up on your carpet, especially if you have a furry friend with four legs and a tail.  Should Fido come barreling in, leaving his muddy paw-prints over your carpet, there’s no need to panic.  Simply dab the area with a clean cloth when the mud is still wet, and use a damp cloth to remove any excess mud still left behind.  Just be sure not to wait too long, as the stain will set!

Keeping your carpet high and dry in the rain is a simple task, so long as you take preventative measures for it.  If you find the odds have been stacked against you, and your carpet has been muddied over, don’t fret, as a single call to us will make those stains disappear!  So, while it may be raining, enjoy your time inside and outside, and be sure to keep your carpet in mind!

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