Simple Carpet Upkeep

5-12-16.jpgContrary to popular belief, taking care of your carpet regularly is not rocket science; simple tasks can be done regularly to preserve the well-being of your carpet.  So long as you try to perform some simple upkeep every so-often, and know what to do when disaster strikes on your carpet, you’ll be able to keep your carpet going strong for years to come.  Here are a few things you can do to take care of your carpet, courtesy of Bayside Carpet Cleaning.

Time and time again, one of the biggest carpet killers is a buildup of dirt.  When dirt lodges itself inside your carpet, any traffic over the area can push the dirt into the fabric, ripping it and taking away the natural shine.  That’s why high traffic areas seem much more dull than the rest of the floor.  To combat this, a simple vacuum once a week will do, going slow to suck up all the dirt possible.  Also, laying down a floor mat by the door is an effective way to eliminate an abundance of dirt from entering your home—just encourage your guests to wipe their feet upon entry.

In addition to maintaining dirt, knowing how to properly address a spill on your carpet will also keep it healthy and strong.  A spill, regardless of the substance it is, should be initially treated the same way—dabbing around the it.  Never rub the spill with a cloth, as this will just push the substance deeper into the fibers.  Instead, take an absorbent cloth, like a paper towel, and gently dab around the spill, allowing the cloth to do all of the work.  By doing this, you will effectively eliminate the chances of a nasty stain occurring, and further preserve the appearance of your carpet.

However, there are times in regular carpet upkeep where you are going to need a deep clean, regardless of how well you maintain it.  When you need a deep clean, look no further than Bayside Carpet Cleaning, as we will restore your carpet to it’s former glory in a seamless and professional manner.  Give us a call today!


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