Pesky Pine Needles

12-8-16.jpgFor those who love the holiday season, decking the halls with boughs of holly, greenery, and pine is sure to be a longstanding tradition.  While all of these really reel in the festive spirit of the season, the scattered pine needles that they bring can sure become an annoyance to anyone walking on carpet.  So today, to help heal those pricked feet, we have some quick and easy tips for getting those pesky needles out of your carpet!

Of all the ways that pine needles can get inside your home, bringing in a Christmas tree is a sure way to bring a whole lot in at once.  The needles will fall as your bring the tree into the family room, but thankfully with the right tools, you can make short work of them.

For a large pile of needles, your first step should be to grab a dustpan and brush, and start to brush up the needles.  After the majority have been swept up, grab the vacuum cleaner and go back over the spot, being sure to go slow over the spot, repeating for at least ten times.  If any pine needles remain, use a furniture lint roller and go over the spot, allowing the adhesive to pick up and last stubborn needles.  If you don’t have a lint roller hand, then duct tape works just as well.

Stick to these solutions, and you should have no problem with someone screeching out in pain because a pine needle pricked their bare foot early in the morning.  Decoration for the holidays is a load of fun, but you do not have to put you nor you family at risk to do it.

For more carpet and flooring tips and tricks, be sure to check back to our blog every Tuesday and Thursday for a new tip!

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