Pet Hair Begone!

12-13-16.jpgNo matter what your holiday plans entail, chances are that you are going to want to do a great deal of cleaning before guests of any sort come to visit.  While some enjoy cleaning up the house, those who have pets may find that it is an absolute chore, especially with the hair everywhere.  Well today, we hope to alleviate some of that stress, as we have for you a few simple tips on how to get pet hair out of almost anything!

Out of all the things your pet’s hair can be on, chances are that your carpet takes the cake.  By walking, running, and laying on it day in and day out, your carpet has accumulated a lot of hair from Fido, although you may not even see it.  Vacuuming can get most out, but if you are really looking for a deep clean, feel free to take an extra step: mopping.  Grab a mop, spray it with water, and lightly drag it across the carpet to free up all of the pet hair that has been trapped by your fibers for so long.  You may be surprised by how much pet hair this method can get out!

For your upholstery, you can take a similar method to get a whole bunch of pet hair out.  Instead of a mop, get a rubber glove, dampen it, and then run it over the piece of furniture in question to rid it of all the pet hair there is.  Most likely, you will get the pet hair that you cannot see with your naked eye, and your guests may very well thank you for it.

Cleaning up can be a pain, but it doesn’t always have to be.  With just a few simple tips, and a new way of thinking, you can make your cleaning to-do list that much simpler.

Should you want a professional deep-clean before your guests arrive, give us a call today for a free-estimate!

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