Cleaning Workout

12-6-16.jpgDuring these next few weeks, you may find that you are crunched for time between decorating for the holidays, shopping, and enjoying quality family time throughout the most wonderful time of the year; so much so, that you may need to forgo your usual workout schedule.  However, did you know that you can get a rigorous workout by just doing some simple cleaning around the house?  Read on to find out how you can combine a killer work-out routine with easy household chores!

You may not have time to hit the gym, but you will have to make time to clean the house before relatives arrive.  Thankfully, you can take an extra step when cleaning to burn off a few extra calories.  For example, when vacuuming your carpet, do lunges to reach those corners instead of walking the vacuum over there.

In addition, instead of mopping your hardwood and tile floors, you can take a cloth and scrub them yourself, making for a killer workout for your core muscles.  Besides, you will also get a much deeper clean!

Also, when dusting around the home, squat when necessary instead of sitting on the floor.  This is great for getting in the corners of your appliances and door frames, and will give you a burn like no other.

Finding time to workout can be challenging, but with a few tweaks, your regular cleaning routine can also become your regular workout routine!

For more carpet and household tips and tricks, be sure to check back every Tuesday and Thursday for out latest article!

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