Decorating for the Holidays: Area Rugs

12-1-16.jpgWell Bayside Carpet Cleaning fans, December is finally here!  The season of hot chocolate, cookies, and goodwill is now upon us, and we have no doubt that you all will be decorating your home to match the tidings of the season.  However, when unpacking all of those boxes that you’re bringing down from the attic, be sure to give your holiday rugs a quick cleaning before putting them out.  Join us today as we give you tips on how to make a rug that has been stored in a box for 11 months look just like new!

Before we even get to the topic of how to clean your rug, we strongly advise you to do all of your holiday decoration unpacking outside.  By doing this, you limit the amount of dirt, debris, and other things left from the year before from getting onto your carpet, a mess that you will inevitably have to clean up later.  Not only that, but unpacking your rugs outside makes the cleaning process that much easier.

The first thing that you are going to want to do when unpacking your rug is to get out the vacuum cleaner.  Give the rug a nice vacuum on both sides, and be sure to get out as much dirt and debris as possible.  Then, break out the brush attachment for your vacuum, and give it another close comb over to get out all of the pet hair.  Once that is done, you can use the old tennis-racket trick to beat the rest of the dirt out of the rug, but be sure to only do this with a small rug that is not handmade nor delicate.

If you happen to notice a stain on your rug from yesteryear, a simple homemade detergent and some elbow grease should be able to take it right out.  Mix together 1 teaspoon of dish detergent, 1 quart of warm water, and 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar.  Lightly blot it onto the stain, rinse with water (blot it as well) and then finally dab dry.

This solution should work for most holiday stains left on your rug from last year, but if not, know that we are here to help.  With our proven gentle cleaning techniques, we can get stains out of your area rug, without damage to the rug itself.

To have us give your holiday rugs a quick cleaning before you put them out, give us a call today!

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