Carpet Fun Facts

6-2-16.jpgFor us at Bayside Carpet Cleaning, we like to take a break every now and then and have a little fun in our jobs.  So, to round out this shortened workweek right, we thought we would share with you a few of our favorite fun facts about carpet.  Enjoy!

Did you know that back in Europe during the Middle Ages, oriental carpets were considered prized possessions, and went for top dollar?  Establishing trade routes between the two worlds helped the introduction and influx of carpet to the Western World, and gave a new luxury item to the high class.  In addition, the Crusaders would come back from their quests with several oriental carpets, each one barring a different story of travel and adventure.

Did you know that when the Hoover vacuum first came out in 1908, the inventors had a difficult time selling their creation?  This is because people at the time were offended that their flooring and carpet could be dirty, and thought that they didn’t need a cleaning tool like that.  Common sense and a little humility eventually took the country by storm, and soon enough, practically everyone in America owned a vacuum cleaner.

Did you know that the word “carpet” stems from the Latin word “carpere”, which means “to pluck”?  In the ancient times, carpet makers would have to pluck the individual fibers in order to make a whole carpet.  Not only that, but “carpet” also shares the same roots as “carpe diem”, which means “to pluck or seize the day.”

Well there you have it, a little sampling of our favorite fun facts.  If you’ve enjoyed this blog, be sure to check back every so often, as we’ll be sharing more and more fun facts down the road.  Now, make like a carpet and “seize the day,” Bayside Carpet fans!

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