Deadly Sins for a Wood Floor

6-7-16.jpgWood floors can be a beautiful addition in any home, but taking care of them can prove to be a challenge.  Floors like these are very sensitive, and can be easily ruined if they are improperly cared for.  So, here are some deadly sins when it comes to wood floor care, and how you can try to avoid them!

First of all, you should avoid using harsh cleaners on your wood floor whenever possible, like those with a wax or silicone base.  Products like these include ammonia, Endust, Pledge, and powdered all-purpose cleaners.  These chemicals can be rough on your floor and can actually eat away at the finish.  Instead, try using just plain water with a clean mop.

Mopping brings us into the next deadly sin for a wood floor: steam mopping.  Believe it or not, the heat combined with the water from a steam mop will degrade the finish of the floor, and over time, will remove the finish entirely.  If you feel the need to steam mop, use the lowest heat setting possible, and only do it every so often.

Another deadly sin for your wood floor is walking across it with abrasive shoes, such as high heels or cleats.  The fine-point on the bottom of these shoes can serve as a chisel on your floors, and will peck away at not only the finish of your wood floor, but at the floor itself.  Try instead to leave these types of shoes at the door, and limit any contact with wood surfaces.

Finally, one of the biggest deadly sins of wood floor is waiting too long in-between refinishing projects.  No matter what you do, the finish of your floor is going to wear down, so it pays to have it refinished every now and again.  By waiting long between finishes, you run the risk of damaging the wood underneath, which is much more expensive to fix than just a coat of sealer.

Wood floors look amazing, but like carpet and tile, they require regular upkeep to keep them in pristine condition.  By taking the extra effort, and by taking note of our deadly sins, you’ll be able to preserve your wood flooring for years to come.


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