The Next Step

4-28-16You’ve given us a call, and scheduled a carpet cleaning for next week.  So, now what?  While you may be holding your breath in anticipation for our arrival, there are a few things that we ask you to take care of before our visit, as to make our carpet-cleaning process as efficient and speedy as possible.

As a general rule, we will ask you to remove any non-essential or easy-to-move furniture from your floors.  This includes all plants, chairs, magazine racks, musical instruments, and anything else that can be moved with ease.  For those big, heavy items, like china cabinets and couches, don’t worry about moving them, as we can clean the carpet underneath without disturbing it, or we can just clean around the base depending on your discretion.  In addition, we ask you to pin up any drapery or furniture skirts from the floor, so they are not in contact with the carpet when we go in for the cleaning.

While you’re doing all of this, make sure to take notes of any particular nasty carpet spots, and let us know about them when we arrive.  By keying us in to this information, we will spend extra time on that spot to ensure total eradication of the stain.

Finally, the last thing we will ask of you is to leave us a parking spot close to the door.  Since we utilize truck-mounted hot water extraction systems, the closer we are to the door, the more efficient we can be when cleaning your carpet.

Once you have done these extremely simple things, feel free to kick back and relax until our arrival; you deserve it after all the work you did preparing!  Once we get to the scene, all the work you did preparing for us will allow for an efficient and speedy cleaning service, leaving your carpet noticeably cleaner in only half the time!

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