Paying it Forward

4-26-16At Bayside Carpet Cleaning, we take pride in taking care of our customers, whether that be in returning that sparkling shine to their tile, or giving their carpet a thorough and dazzling clean.  However, there is another way in which we take care of our valued clients, by paying it forward.  Our Referral Rewards Program is a program that expresses our thanks to you, every time you send a new customer our way.  Let us explain just how easy this works:

For turning a friend or a family member to the Bayside Carpet Cleaning experience, we will reward you with either cash or a free cleaning of your choosing.  Each referral grants you a 10% referral reward, which will be presented in a certificate that can be put towards a cleaning or cold, hard cash!  Say your friend hires us to do a $500 cleaning job; so long as they said you referred them to us, we’ll grant you a $50 certificate, that can be presented at the time of next cleaning, or mailed in to our office and exchanged for cash.

Not only that, but we provide ways to help you make money, for free.  The next time we come over for a cleaning, ask us to bring some brochures, or a few Free Trial Offer Cards, which will all be free of charge to you!  Then, just hand them out to people you know, and watch the money come flying in.

The quality of customer service, in our opinion, is the pinnacle of what a model carpet cleaning company should focus on.  The customer always comes first, a notion that we hold dearly, and one that we exemplify in our Referral Rewards Program.  Give us a call today to see how you can be earning cash or a free cleaning, with essentially no effort!

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