No-Risk Rip Repair

8-23-16.jpegOver the years, your carpet can take quite the beating, which wears it down more and more.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of pressure applied in the wrong direction, and…RIP– your carpet has a hole in it.  While this may seem like a major issue to the average homeowner, 10 minutes, a knife, and some tape are all you need to fix that tear and have it looking like new.

The first thing you will need to do is to find the remnant piece of the carpet that was leftover when it was first installed.  If you cannot find it, or the carpet was installed when you moved in, no worries, just cut a portion out from a spot where carpet won’t be missed, like in the back of a closet or behind a couch.  Take a can, or a similar firm-rimmed object, and make an impression on the remnant piece that matches the size of the rip in the carpet.  For best results, leave an impression on the ripped carpet, and if it fits correctly, use the same can on the remnant piece.  Next, cut the remnant piece according to your measurement.

Then, take a piece of tape, place it on the ripped carped, and indicate the direction that the nap is facing–that is what direction the carpet fibers go.  This step is extremely important in making your carpet look like nothing ever happened.  Now, cut out the ripped carpet in a size similar to what you cut out on the remnant, and remove it from the flooring.  Apply some carpet tape to the hole, and insert the remnant piece, ensuring that it faces in the same direction that the original was.

That’s it, you’re done!  How easy of a fix is that?  Just make sure to go back and trim any long fibers on the remnant piece, to make sure that it looks like nothing ever happened.

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