Increible Indentations

8-18-16.jpgWe all love the rooms in our homes, but from time to time, they need a little bit of rearranging to keep things fresh.  Whether you plan just to swap the order of the couches or to gut and replace the whole room, make sure not to neglect your carpet during the whole process.  Rearranging your room provides the perfect opportunity to have your carpet checked-up on, leaving it looking fresher than ever when you finish your little project.  Here’s a few carpet care tips when moving things around.

Arguably one of the biggest complaints that people have to rearranging furniture are all of the indentations on your carpet left by the old furniture.  Dents, deep patches, and faded-out carpet can drastically take away from the overall look of your carpet, but there is always a fix.

Take an ice cube (or a few, depending on the size of the dent), and put it right on the flattened area.  Allow the ice cube to melt completely, and then take a towel to gently soak up the excess moisture.  Try not to press down too hard here, or else you’ll leave another indentation in your carpet.  Next, lay the towel on the patch, grab an iron, and start ironing the towel on the “cotton setting”.  Stop ironing once the towel feels dry, and then you’re good to go!  The polarizing mixture of the coolness from the ice cube and the heat from the iron, in conjunction with the moisture, will provide for a deep-cleansing steam that will make your carpet look plump and plush again.

Of course, removing all of the furniture from one room provides the perfect opportunity for it to be professionally cleaned, all with no extra hassle to you.  With Bayside Carpet Cleaning’s money-back guarantee and a special 10% off discount during the month of August, you simply can’t go wrong.  Give us a call today for your free in-home estimate!

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