Working Out With Carpet

7-22-16.jpgIn the busy world that we live in, hitting the gym regularly can be quite the taxing commitment.  For those looking to get their exercise in regularly, we have an interesting solution that will help you burn calories, and keep your home clean at the same time.  Welcome to the wonderful world of carpet-cleaning exercise.

One of the biggest tips we give our clients on how to keep a carpet clean regularly is to vacuum every week.  Well, believe it or not, for a 150 pound person, vacuuming for just 30 minutes will burn 125 calories.  Don’t believe us?  Whip out that vacuum and give it a go, and see just how tired you are when the job is finished.  At the very least, your carpet will be looking fresh, and a few calories have been burned.

Who needs to hit the gym to work on forearms and legs when there are plenty of things that need to be mopped in your home?  The best way to clean tile is to give it a good mopping, which if done extensively, can prove to be a great workout for your forearms and your legs.  Just be sure to mop your tile with only water, as chemicals in commercial products can ruin the natural shine!

In addition, by kneeling down and scrubbing the grout in-between the tile with a sponge,  you are not only preserving the life of your tile floor, but you are also giving your biceps and forearms a killer workout.

Making a commitment to go to the gym everyday can be stressful, but when you take care of your flooring regularly, you won’t need a gym.

While cleaning your floors can be a great workout, just know we are always here to help you out with it.  Rain or shine, anytime of year, give us a call to have your floors looking like new again.

To get your free in-home estimate, call Bayside Carpet Cleaning today!

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