Sagging Couch, Hidden Fix

7-19-16.jpgGetting old really bites.  Even for couches, getting old comes with a mess of complications, such as sagging and faded colors.  While a call to us can fix the latter and restore the bright color your couch once had, many people find trouble fixing the former.  One of the most common questions we’re asked is if we have an easy solution to the sagging problem, and we’re happy to say that we do.  Here’s a no-fuss easy fix to make your couch stiff again, as if it was like new.

This method applies to couches that sag once you sit down.  For couches that sag at the backrests, filling the cushion with a polyester material will fix that right up.  For the ones that are limp at the seat-cushion, keep on reading.

The first thing you are going to need to do is take all of the cushions off, and take measurements of the bare side of your couch.  Measure arm rest to arm rest, back of the couch to the edge.  Record these measurements.

Then, take the measurements with you to the local hardware store, and pick out a piece of durable plywood that is close to the size you need.  If you cannot find the right size, buy the closest one and cut it down to size when you get home.

Once you return home, simply lay the plywood down, and place the cushions back where they belong.  Boom.  No more saggy couch.

Using plywood to fix a sagging couch may seem extremely archaic, but the wood acts as a platform for the cushions to stay on, supporting them.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, and, most importantly, it works.  Alternatively, you can buy products at your local furniture or craft store that essentially do the same thing—creates a rigid platform for the cushions to stay on—but it will cost you more.

With a little ingenuity, even the most troubling problems can be easily remedied.  For more carpet and upholstery care tips, be sure to check back every Tuesday and Thursday for our latest blog.  For a professional cleaning, call Bayside Carpet Cleaning for a free in-home estimate!


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