Area Rugs: A History

7-12-16.jpgEveryone loves a good area rug, as they can bring accents and moods into a room with minimal effort.  However, despite their colorful appearance, the area rug has a long and intricate history, spanning over several millennia and multiple continents.  Join us today as we delve into the history of the area rug.

The first known area rug dates back to 400 B.C., in Siberia.  What appears to be the first oriental area rug is very similar to the oriental rugs seen today–rectangular shape and a pattern of a border and a field.  These types of area rugs dominated the ancient scene, until the Persians came up with their own in the 1300’s.

Persian rugs are known as some of the most exquisite rugs in the world, and their history clearly models it.  These types of rugs were originally crafted for the sultan, and as a result, were displayed throughout the halls of the palace.  With this being said, Persian rug makers needed to make their rugs fit for royalty, so they experimented with different styles and patterns than the standard oriental rugs.  The result was dazzling, and the patterns were highly coveted.  Collecting these rugs was another hobby for the European aristocracy to have, and consequently trickled down to the common folk.

Rug making in the Eastern Hemisphere continued for several more years, leading to most of the rug designs that we have today.  Even now, owning a Persian rug is considered one of the best area rugs one can own.  However, with a rug of that stature, it needs to be cared for properly and efficiently, as not to ruin the exquisite fibers.

That’s where Bayside Carpet Cleaning comes in.  With our proven cleaning methods, you can be assured that your area rug–no matter if its Persian, oriental, or anything else–will be cleaned properly and safely.

Do your rug a favor and give it a quick professional clean.  Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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