Worst Carpet Stains

6-16-16.jpgWhile on the job, many of our clients ask us what are the hardest carpet stains to remove.  To them, we say that all stains can prove to be a pain, but there are a select few where you’ll need to call in a carpet cleaning professional to properly get them out.  If you find yourself looking at any of the following stains, it would be in your best interest to save the aggravation and give us a call; you’ll thank yourself later.

Out of all the stains that can possibly happen to your carpet, blood stains can leave severe lasting damage.  Blood has the tendency to be suck up fast by the carpet fibers, leaving behind a red-stain long after you wipe up the excess.  For an at-home fix, the best thing you can possibly do is to wipe up the blood as quickly as possible–if you wiped it up almost immediately after it hit the carpet, the chances of a stain remaining are slim.  However, let the blood sit out for a solid 5 minutes and you’ll have a nasty stain left on your carpet.

Fountain pens may be cool, but they run the risk of having ink spilling all over the floor.  Ink is another pesky stain to deal with, as it is absorbed fast and almost never matches the color of your carpet.  A black pen-ink stain can be the worst nightmare to someone with white carpet.  For an at-home solution, take the same approach you had for blood stains, and hopefully you can save the carpet a stain.

Coffee is another tough stain to get out and, more often than not, is extremely noticeable in your carpet.  To treat a coffee spill on the spot, wipe up all you can, and then apply a vinegar-dish detergent solution to the spot.  If you’re lucky, you can save the stain, and give your carpet a little bath at the same time.

Stains like these may be a pain to remove on your own, but they are no match for our experience-proven cleaning strategies.  One call to use will effectively eliminate any stain you may have, no matter the size or the type.

To schedule your free estimation, give us a call today!

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