Summertime Carpet Tips

6-14-16.jpgCarpets in the summer can see quite the beating, thanks to all of the increased activity coming in and out of your home.  Cookouts, family visits, and days of playing in the sun can all put excessive wear and tear on your carpet.  So, to help quell all of that wear and tear and to keep your carpet looking its best, we’ve decided to share with you a few tips on summertime carpet care.

Kick those shoes to the side.  Shoes track in dirt, especially in the summer.  Do yourself and your carpet a favor and remove your shoes before stepping foot into your living room.  Encourage all guests to do the same, and before you know it, you will have cut down on the primary source of dirt on your carpets.

Make use of area rugs, floor mats, and runners.  Even though you have encouraged your guests to keep their shoes on the side, there is still a chance that they can track dirt into your home.  To battle this, make ample use of area rugs and floor mats, as a last-line type of defense against outside dirt.  Runners placed in hallways can substantially reduce the amount of dirt tracked onto carpet anytime of year, and they would undoubtedly make a sound investment for the summer.

Finally, spend more time outside!  Summer is the time to take advantage of the weather, so do yourself a favor and stay outside.  Besides, the less traffic you have on your indoor carpets, the cleaner and fresher they’ll be!

Enjoy the warm weather, and don’t fret about the state of your carpet too much.  Summertime is the time for living; let us worry about the state of your carpet.

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