Come Clean for 2016

bayside 2016You’ve heard all of the usual resolutions before – losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking.

We have a new one for you all for the New Year for 2016 – why not come clean with your carpet and flooring in 2016?!

The turn of the calendar signals a fresh start on many fronts for most of us. Another year to accomplish things we didn’t get to do over the past course of months.

Our resolution here at Bayside Carpet Cleaning for 2016 is to continue to provide all of you with the great quality and customer service you have come to expect from us.

This is one resolution we intend to keep!

For your part, we ask you to entrust us with giving those holiday worn carpets a shiny New Year look.

You’ll feel more invigorated walking along those freshly cleaned floors and this will spark you to achieve all of those other resolutions you’re going to set out to tackle in a few days.

Happy New Year from your friends at Bayside Carpet Cleaning!


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