Don’t leave your mattress with a dirt complex!

Hey there all of you Bayside Carpet fans – did you know we can clean and take care of your mattresses, too? In fact, of all of the things that need to be taken of and cleaned around the house, the mattresses are often the ones that get left behind and need the most love.

Because they are more often than not dressed with sheets and covers, most homeowners will overlook a mattress – even if there are stains – because they take an “out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. However, with sweat and other human dirt seeping through onto the mattress each night, it could provide the perfect place for additional bacteria and dust mites to breed.

We certainly encourage you to avoid that!

Did you know that many respiratory illnesses, headaches and allergies can be traced back to a soiled bed? Dust mites are common allergen producers. And, it’s not uncommon for a dirty mattress to harbor millions of dust mites.


Therefore, we recommend a deep mattress cleaning to avoid these pests and the issues they can cause. Due to increased cleaning technology developed over recent years, we can eliminate 95 percent of dust mites in just one treatment. This comes in especially handy during the holidays when family members of all sensitivities and ages may be visiting. Children and more elderly family members especially.

So, we encourage you to have your mattresses treated by us in order to lessen the chance of compromising yours and your family’s health.

Happy holidays!


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