Quick Fixes for Thanksgiving Stains

11-22-16.jpgThanksgiving is right around the corner; are you ready?  From planning out the award-winning menus to making sure the fine china is clean, there is a lot to be had in preparation for the big turkey day.  However, in the midst of all this, we hope that you pay some attention to your carpet, and give it a quick clean before guests arrive.  Read on to find out how you can give your carpet a professional-clean look in no time with not much effort to you!

First, give your carpet a quick vacuum to get out any lingering dirt or dust in the fibers.  To give your carpet a nice scent to it, lay down some cinnamon or a commercial vacuum powder to give it a sweet smell.  Then, look over to see if any noticeable stains are popping out.

If you can see stains in the carpet, then it is time to mount a short-term solution to get them out.  Mix together 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 2 cups of water.  Either spray or dab the solution onto the stain, and let it soak for 10 minutes.  Blot the spot with a clean towel to see if it was removed.  Repeat until the entire stain is gone.

Now there are some stubborn stains that just don’t want to come out.  If this is the case, either try to cover up the spot the best you can, or call us ASAP for a quick professional clean.  There is just enough time before the holiday to get it out, so give us a call today!

On the big day, just remember to keep an eye on your carpet, and act fast if anyone spills anything on it.  Soak up the liquid as soon as you can, and take care of it with the same aforementioned solution sooner rather than later.  Feel free to call us in if the stain still persists after the big turkey day.

From all of us at Bayside Carpet Cleaning, we wish you and your family a very happy and stain-free Thanksgiving!

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