The Benefits of a Professionally Cleaned Carpet

10-25-16.jpgWith some services in life, the benefit is obvious, like a haircut, for example.  For others, there may be much more than what meets the eye.  Professional carpet cleaning falls into the latter category.  Sure, your carpet will be looking and smelling fresh after we’re done with it, but there is much more of a benefit than just that.  Join us today, as we explore the some of the hidden benefits carpet cleaning can have.

As we have explained in the past, your carpet works as a type of air filter, capturing different types of microbes, dust, and imperfections in the air on a daily basis.  Well, over time the filter fills up, and before you know it, your carpet has every single imperfection under the sun trapped in it.  By getting a professional cleaning, you are taking all of these pollutants out of your carpet for good, and restoring fresh air into your home.

Not only, but a professional carpet cleaning can contribute towards preventing mold growth.  Along with trapping pathogens in the air, your carpet can also retain a good degree of moisture, which if coupled in with a high humidity level, can lead to mold growth.  By choosing a professional cleaning, you are choosing a cleaning that can eliminate moisture in your carpet, and therefore, mold in your home.

With all the wonders that a professional carpet cleaning can do, are you ready to have yours cleaned yet?  Give us a call when you are for a free in-home estimate!

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