Making Use of Doormats

10-18-16.jpgTo place a doormat, or not to place a doormat, that is the question.  While some love the neat designs doormats can come with, others view them as a waste of space and money.  If you fall into the latter category, then we encourage you to read on, as you may be surprised just how much a doormat can do to help your carpet stay clean, fresh, and healthy!

The biggest advantages to having a doormat is an obvious one: it provides a place for people to wipe off their feet before coming into your home.  You don’t need us to tell you that shoes get pretty filthy throughout the day, from stepping in a plethora of things, which will wind up directly onto your carpet without a doormat.  Now, while one mat may not be able to get off every little speck of dirt, it can reduce the amount of heavy soil on a person’s shoes by up to 50%.  For a carpet owner, that is huge, and all it takes is a small investment.

In our professional opinion, we recommend using two doormats to severely diminish the amount of dirt on your carpet: one on the outside, and one on the inside.  For the outside doormat, try to find something real heavy and durable, like a rubber or scraper mat, as these will get off a good chunk of dirt and can survive all sorts of weather conditions.  For the inside mat, you have greater options in terms of flexibility, since these will not be picking up a majority of the dirt.  Feel free to get creative, and pick a design that works for you!

However, even with the help of doormats, you should still have your carpet professionally cleaned every year to take out all the other dirt and grime that has been building up.  One cleaning from us is all your need to have your carpet looking, smelling, and acting fresh again!

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