Slumping Couch Fix

9-29-16.jpgWe love our furniture, but from time to time it needs a little bit of love and care.  After years and years of memories are made, our couches start to visualize their wear and tear, and how much they have really been through.  Slumping cushions may cause you to think that it’s time for a new couch, but with 10 minutes of your time, you can easily have your couch looking good as new!

When your couches begin to slump, the main culprit is usually the stuffing inside of the cushions.  They have become condensed and pushed around, causing sagging, and an unpleasant experience when someone sits down.  Give that there are many types of couches out there, there are many different ways to fix the slumping problem.

For couches that have removable cushions, the best thing to do is to rotate around the cushions on a regular basis.,, preferably about twice a month  Let’s say you have 3 cushions: take cushion 1, place it where cushion 2 would be, move cushion 2 to where 3 would be, and move cushion 3 where 1 would be.  The rotation evens out the amount of exposure each cushion gets, which in turn increases the lifespan.

Now, for cushions that have a zipper on them, you can easily fix the slumping by opening the zipper, and fluffing up the stuffing on the inside.  Be sure to separate the clumped parts.  If you feel like there is not enough cushion or if it looks like there is not a lot of stuffing, you can easily buy more and place that into the cushion.

With that, your slumping woes should be no more!  Now, since you have your couch looking great, why not have a professional cleaning done to have it looking like new?  With a money-back guarantee, you can be assured that when we’re done, it’ll look like it was just delivered, and all it took was 15 minutes of your time!

Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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