Wood Scratches

9-20-16.jpgHaving a wood floor for your kitchen could be one of the best features of your home, but the wear and tear placed on it from furniture can make it a spot to avoid.  Scratches and bald spots are the worst fear of any hardwood-floor-owner.  Today, we want to alleviate some of that fear from our friends, and provide you with a few ways you can keep any type of furniture from scratching your beautiful floor!

One of the best things you can do to prevent scratches on your floor is to invest in some type of pad for your furniture.  In the market today, there are several different pads, and we will walk you through each one, highlight the advantages and disadvantages, and then suggest our favorite option.

The first type of pas out there are tap-on/nail-on pads.  These types of pads are more-or-less permanent to the furniture, as they are either screwed into or nailed into the chair legs.  A secure holding is their highlight, but a broken pad may scratch up your floor worse than a regular chair leg ever could.

Another type of pad is the self-adhesive pad.  You can guess from the name itself that these pads are sticky, and will attach to the chair itself.  These are some of the most common types of pads, and can be made of either felt or rubber.  Since these are soft, you won’t need to worry about then ruining your floor, but they may fall off from time to time, because of the adhesive.

Finally, the other type of pad out on the market today are slip-on pads.  These pads can easily slide onto the chair leg and off, but do not require adhesion to stick.  Thus, they are not prone to fall off, and can be removed at any time.  Made of rubber or soft plastic, these types of pads have the most diverse application.

In our opinion, we recommend the slip-on pads for hardwood floors.  The strength of the rubber yet the ease and reliability of the slip-on beats out the competition.  Not to mention that they are cheap.  Just head on over to your local hardware store and pick some up–easy as that.

Wood scratches are tough, but we can make it better.  Give us a call today for a professional cleaning of your floor.  With a money-back guarantee, you simply cannot go wrong with Bayside Carpet Cleaning!

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