Caring for Grout

8-11-16.jpgGrout can come in all shapes and sizes, but caring for it is relatively simple.  However, if you leave your grout unattended for a while, it will start to crack and discolor, and that is when people start to take notice.  Join us today as we go over a few grout protection tips, and remember to use the promo code “August” for 10% off your next tile and grout cleaning when you choose Bayside Carpet Cleaning.

When all is said and done, grout has a very simple job: keep tiles locked together.  Without grout, tiles would be apt to move all over the place, providing a very nonuniform and disheveled look.  For the job that it does–to keep water out and making your tiles look near perfect–your grout deserves some loving every now and again.

To make your grout a very happy grout, give it a weekly washing with water and a mop–no commercial cleaning products necessary.  By keeping up on your grout weekly, there is less of a chance of a tile issue sprouting up due to unkempt grout, which can save you big bucks in the end.  Should you ever encounter a spill on your tile, wipe it up promptly followed by a wet mop–this should eliminate any chance of a stain.  If a stain does pop through, however, try a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get it out, or just call in the cavalry.

Despite your weekly upkeep, your grout should be seen by a professional at least once a year, to clear up any dirt and debris that may have gotten past your weekly mopping.  If you have not had your grout cleaned in a while, or have never had it professionally cleaned before, now is the time to have it cleaned!  With a 10% promotion going throughout the month of August, and a no-hassle money back guarantee, you can have your tiles cleaned virtually risk-free.  Simply give us a call for a free in-home estimate, and we can get the ball rolling.

As the saying goes–happy grout, happy life.  Keep your grout cleaned, and your tiles will thank you for it.  Trust us.

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