Commercial Carpet Cleaning

7-28-16.jpgFor the modern business, many things need to be taken care of in order to provide the best experience to your customers and clients.  Furnishings must be appropriate, customer service must be excellent, and there has to be enough lighting.  However, from restaurants to offices, to banks and to shops, there is often one thing that many owners and managers overlook: their carpet.

Carpets in commercial settings receive some of the heaviest traffic possible, much more than the average home sees.  People far and wide will be coming in and out on a daily basis, tracking in everything on their shoes into your building.  Since carpet acts as a sponge to everything and anything, you can expect it to dirty up quickly.

Just as every light bulb needs to be replaced, every carpet needs to be cleaned every now and then.  Since commercial carpet is being exposed to more dirt and grime than a typical household carpet, try to shoot for at least two cleanings a year.  That way, you can guarantee to your customers that their experience will be the best they’ve ever had.

A dirty carpet is no plus for a business.  Take charge of your carpet, and take charge on the quality that your business present to customers.  We’re positive you won’t regret it.

For a free in-office estimate, give Bayside Carpet Cleaning a call today!

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