Carpet Spot Treatment Tips

3 Tips for Better Spot Removal


  1. Remove it NOW. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove. If you cannot remove the stain, call Bayside right away.
  2. DO NOT USE Resolve or other high residue products on your area rugs. Use a neutral ph spotting agent that is made for wool. Call us for purchase information.
  3. Use as little moisture as possible with silk, sisal, cotton, and grass rugs. For these, apply a spotter to a cloth and gently dab the stain.

CAUTION! Some area rugs have a very unstable dye and can be easily ruined. Always pre-test any solution on the rug before attempting spot removal.

Below are some special tips that will help:


  • Make sure you NEVER apply any solvent (nail polish or rubbing alchohol) directly to the carpet. This could cause weakening of the fiber backing.
  • Use a spot machine (by bissel, little green machine, etc) or a wet vacuum to extract any liquid spot BEFORE you treat it with any spot removing solution.
  • DON’T USE TOO MUCH SOLUTION. An entire bottle of spotter should NEVER be used on one spot.
  • RINSE, RINSE, RINSE. This is one of the biggest things homeowners overlook. Remember, the rinse water can be extracted with your spot machine or wet vacuum.

Most spots: Use our SpotOut Cleaner or mix 1/4 teaspoon clear hand dishwashing soap with 1 cup water and follow the directions above. Avoid high residue spotters such as Resolve.

Grease or Oils: For greasy spots, apply rubbing alcohol to a cloth and gently dab the spot. Never pour a solvent directly on your carpet.

Wax: Melt the wax unto a paper bag with a steam iron at a low temperature. Place the paper bag over the wax. Do not allow the iron to directly touch the carpet.

Urine:Although old urine stains cannot be removed from the carpet unless they are cut out, stains that have appeared within a couple of hours can often be cleaned with good success. This can be accomplished by using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, followed by blotting with water only. After this, absorb the spot with clean colorfast towels until it is as dry as possible. Next, place a one-half inch thick weighted layer of colorfast towel over the spot and let it sit overnight. This final procedure must not be overlooked since crystallized urine residues left in the carpet are capable of reproducing odors during the warmer more humid months. Older urine stains often require replacement of the part and pad in the affected areas and can also necessitate cleaning the subfloor with a disinfectant.

Vomit The first step is to scrape up as much of the disgorged matter as possible.Next, it is important to elevate the pH of the stained area. This should be accomplished by blotting using a solution of one part non-sudsing ammonia to five parts water, followed with blotting with a damp towel until the spot is as dry as possible. Again, it is also recommended that you place a weighted layer of colorfast towels folded one-half inch thick over the spot and allow it to sit overnight to allow residual matter to wick up into the towel.

If you can’t remove the spot, call us at 609-290-2691. We’ll fit you in our schedule.

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